Good day, ladies and gents,

Though some time has passed since the last Hallows Die update was posted, we assure you that August has proven to be a most challenging, fun, hectic and screwed up time for all of us.

First on the docket: a de-briefing on our Ruin The East 2010 tour. After 14 days and over 6000 kilometres we are finally home safe and sound. Dealing with such difficulties as a rogue trailer wheel, a detouring and confused GPS, opinionated Sunday afternoon drunks, having to play jazz versions of our songs for retirees, day-long drives with only trees to look at, and fighting for cramped parking spaces somehow made it that much more rewarding to know we are all still breathing and still functioning as a musical entity. Despite the trials and tribulations, we met more than our fair share of awesome people in every city and we’d like to extend a personal “Thank you” to all of you for hanging with us and helping keep the cabin-fever-induced mental breakdowns to a minimum. You guys are the reason we set out in the first place and we hope to have the privilege to sewer some more drinks in your company again soon.

Next up: video documentation. We’ve taken the finer points of our trek and compiled them into several incriminating webisodes that we will be releasing over the next several days. Those of you sadistic enough to watch the senseless torture of 5 senseless dudes please click below.

Hallows Die Ruin the East – Day 2 []

DISCLAIMER – We assure you, very few less-than-pretty musicians were injured during the making of these videos. You can see the rest as we upload them over the next few weeks on our youtube channel:


Ryan, Pat, Gabe and Dylan