Ladies and Gents,

From an outsider’s perspective, it may seem that Hallows Die is having a rather quiet summer, but behind the scenes – as it were – this season has been one of the most chaotic periods in the bands history! After many “band-meetings” (see: beers, booze, and debauchery), we have made some radical plans for the future of the band. We’ll try our best right now to get all you folks up to speed.

The first order of business is the sudden absence of the stench of fettuccine that plagued us from behind the drum-kit. It’s very sad, but the Italian skinsman, Dan Neil, will no longer be providing our percussion. He’s found his calling elsewhere and we wish him well. Our new man on the throne goes by the name of Dylan Gowan! He comes from a long line of famous prog rock musicians and comes well equipped (with an endorsement from Pearl Drums, among *ahem* other things). Everyone say “Hi Dylan!”

Also on the agenda: we are very proud to announce the addition of Old Credit Brewing Company and the Hard Luck Bar to our ever growing list of sponsors/endorsers. We’d like to thank them for their ongoing support and are very excited about the new possibilities and opportunities we will create. You can check out their websites on the “contact” page above.

And finally, without further ado, the biggest announcement of all…


That’s right folks, it’s been a long time coming, but we are finally hitting the one road in our home country of Canada! We’re stopping at every city and town from here to the very northern reaches of Nova Scotia. Whether it be trashing a flashy new bar in downtown Montreal, partying it up in the nickel mines of Sudbury, or hitting up house parties in backwater maritime villages, we’ll be there making people wish they were somewhere else!

So come on out, drink enough that we sound bearable (hope you got a big bar tab), and prepare to be ruined!

That’s all for now folks. As usual, you can find us all over the web, so track us down on Facebook, give us a shout, pretend you enjoy us, and if you really want to stroke our egos, come see us live on tour this August!


Ryan, Pat, Gabe, and Dylan

P.S. Our debut album WORLD OF RUIN is still available for sale at many fine retailers, including,, ITunes, The End Records, CDN Records, and Indiepool.