Alright folks, we realize there’s been a great degree of neglect on our part when it comes to news postings. We’ve been so goddamned busy we’ve barely had time to breathe. The following will hopefully help you understand the wars we have been waging and the battle plans we have in place for world domination.

May 12th saw us embark on our PENETRATE THE PACIFIC tour of Western Canada. Over the course of 24 days, we managed to make it from home, to Victoria BC (for those of you wondering…..we paddled), and back again. For those of you overseas, that’s a good 10,000+KM (6300 miles). Without a doubt in our minds we can say that this whole endeavor was nothing short of a complete success (and a rockin’ good time).

The combination of drifting narrow turns down the mountainsides, calling Walmart parking lots home, only sleeping every other day, and following natural disasters (long story) made for a challenging tour. The rewards, however, were plentiful. We played many a packed show, sold out of and had to re-print merchandise, penetrated the Pacific Ocean, saw a drastic boost in our following, and best of all, we got to hang out with some of the grooviest people on the planet. Whether it was raising hell at a show, putting us up at your house, partying in a parking lot, or exchanging obscene jokes, you Westerners treated us like kings and (we apologize to your friends and livers, but) we will definitely be back very soon.

Because we know that watching us suffer is possibly more satisfying than listening to our music, we have concocted several tour videos to give you an insight as to what it’s like to be trapped with us on the road, and how close to death (mainly by each other) we actually came. Be warned that these videos expose us for the trolls we actually are. For those of you who didn’t think we were bad enough; by all means click the link.

You’ve been warned.

But enough of the old, it’s time for the new. Our original plan was to release our sophomore album, MASKS this coming August, but it appears as though we’ll have to postpone it. Fear not, for our plate is overflowing with even more shows and musical shenanigans.

First up: To celebrate Canada day, we’ll be doing a three day mini tour in Northern Ontario, culminating in our headlining performance at the first ever TOUCH OF DEATH FESTIVAL in Cochrane Ontario. Details for all the shows are below.

June 30th in SUDBURY

July 1st in NORTH BAY

July 2nd (11:00 Headlining performance) in COCHRANE

Following that, we will make our long awaited return to our neighbouring/home city, TORONTO. Having only played the city once this year (in March, with tech-death legends ATHEIST), we felt it was once again time to bring the party to our loyal friends and fans that have watched us grow over the last 5 years. Come catch us with Metalblade thrashers LAZARUS A.D. on July 25th at the HARD LUCK BAR for only $10. This is an all ages event, so we expect all you youngins to come out. We’ve got all kinds of new, limited-edition merch, and will of course be tossing out some free swag to whoever has thick enough beer goggles to come say “Hi,” to us.

On top of all of this, we have already started preparing for the studio and we are equally excited and terrified for the process and outcome. The select few who have heard our new material have agreed that it is a bit of a departure from what we’ve released before. That said, we are still confident that the evolved sound will satisfy the old fans and pave the way for an army of new ones.

As we enter the studio, we plan to record and release the process in the form of several studio video blogs. Stay tuned and you too can know what kind of hell we go through to release the orchestrated noise we try to pass off as music.

Until next time, stay sexy,

Hallows Die,

Ryan, Pat, Gabe and Dylan