More Bass on the Cymbals!

Dylan has some exciting news for you! He got a haircut. He is also now formally endorsed by Murat Diril Cymbals! Come hear how they sound live, very soon at a venue near you!

Starkill? In MY city? It’s More Likely Than You Think!

We, the counsellors of Camp Hallows Die, have a special announcement for those of you who may have missed us on an emotional level, or may have been guilty of missing Starkill at any of last year’s vertebrae-smashing stops in Toronto.

You guessed it! Our triumphant return from exile is being driven by none other than the almighty Starkill, and the oh-so-lovely Spellcaster. We couldn’t BEG for better company to vanguard this event! The bomb goes off at 7:30PM, Thursday, February 9, at the Hard Luck Bar, 772 Dundas St. W. Toronto. Be there, and bring a neck brace. You’ll need it.

 We’ll see you there!



Year in Review

At the end of the year, we’d like to give a hearty ‘Cheers’ to our friends, families, the bands we’ve played with, the promoters, managers, and other music industry professionals who have had the (dis)pleasure of working and chatting with us, and of course to our fans who continue to support us and allows us to pursue our dreams.

Most importantly, cheers to these shirt-clad mofos who sent in some pictures of their Christmas gifts!

To 2015 – may it gather dust in a box somewhere, and to 2016 – may you be pleasantly surprised with what we’ve got in store for you!



Sudbury Metalfest 7

Our biggest show of the year is only a few days away, so we just wanted to give a quick update!

We’re absolutly stoked to be making the trek up to Sudbury Ontario for the (9th? 10th? 20th?) show, this time once again performing at our favourite Canadian metal festival, the 7th instalment of SUDBURY METAL FEST.

We’re playing on ‘Day Two’ alongside Beyond Creation, but if you’re anywhere in Northern Ontario, be sure to check out the whole weekend featuring a stellar line-up of bands from Canada, the United States, and Europe.



Endorsement Announcement

Good News!

We’re stoked to announce Hallows Die has joined forces with Los Cabos Drumsticks as our drummer Dylan Gowan has signed an endorsement deal! Look for some serious stick tossing in the near future!

Young Dylan is growing up so fast… be sure to check out his official Facebook page [], as well as the Los Cabos page [].

For endorsement inquiries, please contact



Canada Day Update

To the Canadian contingent of our friends and fans, we would like to wish you a happy Canada Day! To the Americans: our slightly early wishes for a grand Independence Day! For everyone else: may your hangovers be less powerful than what we’re expecting.

Also, we had a great show recently in Toronto with our brothers in Crimson Shadows, as well as some visiting American bands; ‘Aether Realm’ and ‘Wilderun’. Please join us in wishing them the best of luck on their respective tours, and if you get a chance to see them, do it! You won’t regret it!

Our drummer, Dylan Gowan is off to Germany this month with his side-project Vesperia to play the Wacken Open Air Festival, our continued congratulations to them, and may their hangovers be slightly worse.

We’re also excited to announce that we will be taking part in the 7th Sudbury Metal Feast in late October, alongside Negura Bunget, Beyond Creation, Fractal Generator, and a veritable stew of other bands, with new additions being announced weekly. For anyone who has a pulse (and some who don’t), this is going to be worth the travel time!

Until next time, if you can’t keep your genitals clean, at least keep them handy,



Forward March… April, May

Spring is in the air; the trees are looking decidedly less grim and frostbitten; and the sweet sounds of DEATH METAL are carrying sweetly on the crisp Ontario breeze!

In celebration of our recent WOA-Metal-Battle quarterfinal win, Hallows Die shall be sharing the stage with Vesperia in Belleville at the Belle Pub on Saturday, April 18th


and again in Sudbury at Little Monreal on Friday, April 24th


before once again going head to head at the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle Semifinals at the Hard Luck Bar in Toronto on Saturday, April the 25th along with Droid and A Scar for the Wicked.


The following Friday (May 1), we will be at the Velvet Underground in Toronto, as direct support for Hanzel Und Gretyl as the Rockpile Invades Canadian Music Week, with our newfound friends in Plethora!


So grab a beer, and help us CLEAN UP this spring! IT’S GOING TO BE MESSY!

When Everyone Wins, No-one Wins

We would like to thank all of the venerable judges of the Wacken Metal Battle, the other bands who competed with us (Tsargrad, Vesperia, Answer with Metal and Plethora), and everyone who came out to provide much needed support to the contestants of this violent tournament. We would also like to congratulate Dylan Gowan of Hallows Die AND Vesperia, double winner of Friday March 6th’s Wacken Metal Battle Qualifying Round in Toronto! The other members of the two bands have also been basking in the pleasant surprise of a shared victory between friends, despite Dylan’s subtle gloating.

With more double-duty shows the next day in Oshawa at the Atria (, March 14th at the APK in London (, and April 17th at Overtime Sports Bar in Kingston (, not to mention the upcoming Wacken Metal Battle Semifinals, we’re going to see if we can make Mr. Gowan’s arms fall off – to be sold to the highest bidder of course.

Best of luck to the other semifinalists! Our percussion-slamming-kill-machine now has a taste for blood!

Three Measures of Gordons…

In spite of our little situation at the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle 2015 (see, and for details), Hallows Die will be joining forces with Vesperia for a quick jaunt around the Ontario countryside!

On Saturday March 7, at 10:00PM, Vesperia, Hallows Die, Conquer, and Desekratewhore will be redecorating the Atria at 59 King Street E. in Oshawa.

On Saturday March 14, at 9:00PM, we’ll be spraying beer and freshly severed limbs all over the APK at 347 Clarence Street in London with DeSever!

It’s going to be hairy (HAHA! GET IT?); you’ve been warned.

Are You Wacken OAF…

We very well might be…

Hallows Die would like to announce our candidacy in the Annual Running of the Bands in Wacken Open Air Metal Battle 2015. The first round for us will be Friday March 6, 9:15PM at the Bovine Sex Club, 542 Queen Street West in Toronto. Bands that we must ruthlessly poke with swords while they try to gore us include: Vesperia, Tsargrad, Plethora, and Answer With Metal.

Tickets are $10 at the door, but you could always get a hold of us for some. We accept bribes of all kinds (sexual favours, small children, temporary tattoos of Gary Busey) if you don’t have any cash on you.

Come witness the battle! IT’S GOING TO BE A BLOODBATH

How are we Doing Today, Gary Busey?

Happy New Year! We’re bringing in 2015 hard with Vesperia, Crimson Shadows and Killitorous on Friday January 16 at the Hard Luck in Toronto. Bring your parents. They’ll have a swell time. 

Click Gary Busey for details

Thrash Out with your Gash Out

Q: Are we not thrash?

A: Come to the Hard Luck (772a Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America) for 8:00PM on Saturday, November 29.

$10 for the neck-breakin’est, beer-chuggin’est, metal frenzy in Toronto. Do we really have to tell you twice?

Details, RSVPs, and random bashing of our non thrashing, rash ridden arses:

We Won

Hallows Die are the proud recipients of the Toronto Independent Music Awards’ best Metal, Punk, Surf, or Ska award for 2013-2014. We would like to congratulate the other winners, and thank everyone involved, especially the listed grand jury: Alan Cross, Christopher Ward, Hill Kourkoutis, Priya Ramanujam, Phillip McPherson, Korey Schafer, and Ari Kaplan; Joe Chisholm, Dani Oliva, and Andrew Suarez for being the best damned bar back there ever was.

An even more special thanks to those of you who came and thrashed it up with us at the Decade Party. Our livers will never be the same.

Hallows Die on Facebook

Hallows Die on Twitter

Hallows Die on the internet (You are here)

A Halloween Massacre

What are you doing six days before Halloween? Coming to Woodstock to open a few skylights in Legion Branch #55? Damn straight you are.

Fatality’s going to be there, and Diabholico, and Bloodless Child, Devilz by Definition, Toxic Valve, Pedestrian-13, Lithia, and Kynesys too! And we might make an appearance somewheres around quarter to 9. There’s gonna be prizes for best costumes and raffles, and a bunch of stuff going to a good cause; heavy metal and probably a bit of debauchery… but not too much. It is all ages after all.

Come join us and Killkrist in our Samhaining. It’s going to be a massacre.

Details here:

You know who we are, here’s where to find us:

Noise As Art

Toronto’s definition of music is apparently quite broad… at least forgiving.

Hallows Die has been nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award, and we’re giddy simply at the idea of having so many well dressed people to harass. You should probably join us.

Info regarding what the TIMAs are, who’s nominated, who is to judge us, how to get tickets to the after party, and where to show up already half-in-the-bag can be found here:

A birthday suit is still a suit.

The Beard Farm Returns


[Hallows Die 140906 Crimson Shadows]

You should come help us party our hirsute homies in Crimson Shadows all the way to Europe. Yes, we used party as a transitive verb.

Come to the Hard Luck Bar, Toronto, September 6, 8PM; flash your ID; pay $10 (or hand over a ticket… OR help them out with their Indiegogo campaign; and drink up at Crimson’s CD release for ‘Kings Among Men’, with Shotgun Cure and our hideous selves.

Sorry, all this talk of CD releases has us a little moist.

As my grandfather said on his deathbed: “If you can’t stay sexy, at least stay tuned,”

Hallows Die,

What sort of Hallowed, Kataklysmic Abortion?

It seems like we were just here… well, upstairs… four years ago… most of us anyway.

Ok, it’s an entirely new set of circumstances – having new material is exciting enough, but being able to showcase this new material for the first time to a packed house, opening for Aborted and Kataklysm? Orgasmic. We didn’t see this coming four years ago.

On a Silver Platter

Friday, December 13, 2013  

Despite the loss of all we hold dear: social lives, sanity, close friends, relationships, food, our good looks, hairlines….we did it. Biggest question now is…        

Where will the touring take us?

Going for the Hat Trick


Spread the Metal isn’t happening for us (funny story… a lot of funny stories).

Krisiun became Arsis (which was terrific, just not as originally advertised).

Let’s see what happens with Huntress on August 10.

Until then, we are slaves to the grind.

Spread ‘Em

Ladies and Gents,

We are ecstatic to report that we will be sharing the stage again with Edge of Attack, Augury, Crimson Shadows, Kittie, and Answer with Metal at this year’s Spread the Metal Festival in Toronto!

Bring friends and drink beer! We sound (and look) better when you’re inebriated.

Spread the news,

Hallows Die

We’re Still Here!

… and so are you!

Thank god, because we’re still building up and tearing down Masks. We have a pretty good sounding record going, but pretty good isn’t good enough. For all the hype we’ve given this thing, we want to ensure that we’re not giving you Chinese Democracy.

We’re not sure how it feels on the other side of the creative process, but even in the studio – hearing every take, debating every game changer – the anticipation is killing us.

The wait will be worth it.

Back into the slave pit we go. Nice chatting with you.

Masks, coming soon to an apocalypse near you.

End of the End of the World

Saturday, August 25, 2012,

We have partied in the East, thrashed through the West, and though it’s good to be back, sometimes home isn’t the place we love the best. So here we sit, mourning our return to real life, drinking cheap beer because our liquor fund went into fixing the van, struggling with the idea that the world might actually end and we might never get to do this again.

This next round is for all of our road friends, new and old. We miss you.

Some memories that will stay with us (haunt us) for years to come:

Partying in Edmonton with our adoptive/ed Grande Prairie family. There have to be laws against what happened; the phrase “Geneva Conventions” comes to mind.

Rolling into Red Deer the next day, and being very pleasantly surprised at how a little bit of good luck and fresh air can cure a force ten hangover. The show that night too! Lunacy!

Our gracious hostess in Ottawa – gets us a show, gives us a place to stay, and gives us literature for the rest of the trip. Definitely a groovy chick.

Teaching foreigners our filthy Canadian ways in Halifax.

Ruining Bambi for future generations… or at least providing some critter with fresh venison.

Seeing a re-telling of our trailer mishap of 2010, not thirty feet in front of us. Careful with that boat, Eugene.

Caps in Williams Lake. WILLIAMS LAKE IN CAPS.

Firework battles in Vancouver and Cochrane. Battles in general in Sudbury.

Spread the Metal!


Taking over, and stinking up a very large boat.

Taking over, and stinking up Victoria… again. Beautiful city.

Taking over, and stinking up Thunder Bay, and slicing off Ryan’s hand as a souvenir.


The epic comegedy of the SS Gary Busey.

Rocking out for weeks at a stretch, and not only living to tell the tale, but enjoying the living of the tale enough to retell it!

Anyone or anything we’ve missed (there’s quite a bit): You haven’t been forgotten… unless you have, in which case you are completely unremarkable or we were completely hammered. Better luck next time.

We love you all.

‘Til next we meet,


Ryan, Pat, Gabe, and Dylan

Hallows Die

End of the World Update

After a string of successful shows all around Eastern Canada, including an appearance at the Spread the Metal

festival alongside the mighty Blackguard and Kataklysm, we have finally arrived back home. Three breakdowns, some strange altercations, and one very dead deer later, it’s surprising that we made it at all.

We’d like to thank everyone who came out, hung out, head banged, and just plain acted obnoxious. You guys have been beyond hospitable, and are a regular reminder why touring is easily the best thing about this business.

With the first leg of the End of The World tour coming to an end, we’ve had a few days at home. Though it’s been nice actually sleeping in a bed, being able to use a stove and (god forbid) shower more than once a fortnight, we’re itching to be on the move again. It’s only a few short days until we set out to conquer the Western half of this fine country so be sure to get your party hats tuned up, and prepare your game faces for our arrival.

Before Tour

It’s been a while since we’ve last had an update, so let’s fill you in on what we’ve been doing.

Aside from our short stint on the road in April to commemorate our fallen brother and occasional tour mate, Mr. David Gold (WOODS OF YPRES, THRAWSUNBLAT, NECRAMYTH), it may seem like we’ve slowed down a bit. Trust us, this has not been the case at all. Behind the scenes we have spent every second towards the production of our sophomore release, Masks.

This has proven to be a truly colossal venture. We have taken on the tasks of recording, editing, and engineering the album ourselves, which has resulted in months of sleepless nights in our effort to present to you a perfect, shiny, five inch platter, brimming with our best material yet.

To go hand in hand with a new album – some of you are already asking for it – we are indeed shaping up to hit the road in support of the release. We will be posting our tour dates in the coming weeks, so please, start polishing your party hats because this is going to be one for the record books.

In closing: after all this talk of albums and tours and sweat and blood, it would be very unfair if we left it hanging at that. So we invite you to check out the first demo we have of the upcoming album. This will help shed some light as to what we’ve actually been slaving over for the last little while.

Please enjoy A Serpent in Judecca.


With 2011 already a record year for us – what with our 30 date headlining tour of Canada, as well as performances with many international acts including KALMAH and ATHEIST – we settled into our studio to continue recording our sophomore album…

But – as it wouldn’t ever be any fun if anything went to plan – the road called again and we’ve collectively decided that there are too many show opportunities right now to continue spending our time yelling at each other in our dark, windowless sweatshop/studio. We’re very happy to announce that we will be returning to our home-away-from-home, playing a string of dates in Northern Ontario with UK death metal legends NAPALM DEATH. You can catch us October 8th in Sudbury Ontario, as well as October 15th in Sault Sainte Marie.  You can check out for ticket prices and more info.

We’re feeling a bit dissatisfied with just a couple shows in October, so all of you back home will be happy (…we think) to know we are also finally coming back after an 8 month hiatus from shows on the home turf. Our grand return will be presented by INERTIA ENTERTAINMENT, featuring fellow Canadian heavyweights UNEXPECT as the headlining act. Be sure to head down to the “New” HARD LUCK on Saturday, November 18th. We will be in full party mode, and who knows… maybe we’ll drop a new song or two. We’d like to thank you all for making this a milestone year.

Don’t go too far, there’s much more to come,  

Ryan, Pat, Gabe and Dylan

Pacific Penetrated

Alright folks, we realize there’s been a great degree of neglect on our part when it comes to news postings. We’ve been so goddamned busy we’ve barely had time to breathe. The following will hopefully help you understand the wars we have been waging and the battle plans we have in place for world domination.

May 12th saw us embark on our PENETRATE THE PACIFIC tour of Western Canada. Over the course of 24 days, we managed to make it from home, to Victoria BC (for those of you wondering…..we paddled), and back again. For those of you overseas, that’s a good 10,000+KM (6300 miles). Without a doubt in our minds we can say that this whole endeavor was nothing short of a complete success (and a rockin’ good time).

The combination of drifting narrow turns down the mountainsides, calling Walmart parking lots home, only sleeping every other day, and following natural disasters (long story) made for a challenging tour. The rewards, however, were plentiful. We played many a packed show, sold out of and had to re-print merchandise, penetrated the Pacific Ocean, saw a drastic boost in our following, and best of all, we got to hang out with some of the grooviest people on the planet. Whether it was raising hell at a show, putting us up at your house, partying in a parking lot, or exchanging obscene jokes, you Westerners treated us like kings and (we apologize to your friends and livers, but) we will definitely be back very soon.

Because we know that watching us suffer is possibly more satisfying than listening to our music, we have concocted several tour videos to give you an insight as to what it’s like to be trapped with us on the road, and how close to death (mainly by each other) we actually came. Be warned that these videos expose us for the trolls we actually are. For those of you who didn’t think we were bad enough; by all means click the link.

You’ve been warned.

But enough of the old, it’s time for the new. Our original plan was to release our sophomore album, MASKS this coming August, but it appears as though we’ll have to postpone it. Fear not, for our plate is overflowing with even more shows and musical shenanigans.

First up: To celebrate Canada day, we’ll be doing a three day mini tour in Northern Ontario, culminating in our headlining performance at the first ever TOUCH OF DEATH FESTIVAL in Cochrane Ontario. Details for all the shows are below.

June 30th in SUDBURY

July 1st in NORTH BAY

July 2nd (11:00 Headlining performance) in COCHRANE

Following that, we will make our long awaited return to our neighbouring/home city, TORONTO. Having only played the city once this year (in March, with tech-death legends ATHEIST), we felt it was once again time to bring the party to our loyal friends and fans that have watched us grow over the last 5 years. Come catch us with Metalblade thrashers LAZARUS A.D. on July 25th at the HARD LUCK BAR for only $10. This is an all ages event, so we expect all you youngins to come out. We’ve got all kinds of new, limited-edition merch, and will of course be tossing out some free swag to whoever has thick enough beer goggles to come say “Hi,” to us.

On top of all of this, we have already started preparing for the studio and we are equally excited and terrified for the process and outcome. The select few who have heard our new material have agreed that it is a bit of a departure from what we’ve released before. That said, we are still confident that the evolved sound will satisfy the old fans and pave the way for an army of new ones.

As we enter the studio, we plan to record and release the process in the form of several studio video blogs. Stay tuned and you too can know what kind of hell we go through to release the orchestrated noise we try to pass off as music.

Until next time, stay sexy,

Hallows Die,

Ryan, Pat, Gabe and Dylan

Penetrate the Pacific

Fresh off their destruction of the East Coast last summer, Toronto Ontario’s Melodic Death Metal act Hallows Die are set to head off on an independently booked 23 day tour of Canada titled PENETRATE THE PACIFIC 2011.

The tour will kick off on May 13th in the Northern Ontario town of Sault Ste. Marie and climax in Vancouver on May 23rd, before the heading back towards Ontario.


May 13 FOGGY NOTIONS – Sault Ste. Marie ON

May 14 BLACK PIRATE’S CLUB – Thunder Bay ON

May 15 THE DEATH TRAP – Winnipeg MB

May 16 THE CLUB – Regina SK

May 17 THE VAT – Red Deer AB

May 18 THE MEAD HALL – Edmonton AB

May 19 BETTER THAN FRED’S – Grand Prairie AB

May 20 THIRD – Prince George BC

May 21 THE LONG HOUSE – Williams Lake BC

May 22 THE ASTORIA – Vancouver BC

May 24 THE LUCKY BAR – Victoria BC


May 26 POGUE MAHONE’S – Kamloops BC

May 27 VERN’S TAVERN – Calgary AB

May 28 WALKER’S – Saskatoon SK

May 29 THE NORTH HILL INN – Brandon MB

May 30 KILLROY’S – Thunder Bay ON

May 31 FIREWORK SHACK – Cochrane ON


June 2 THE FOXX LOUNGE – Barrie ON

June 3 GRAND RIVER HOTEL – Cambridge ON

June 4 THE MANSION HOUSE – St. Catherines ON

June 7 BROOKLYN’S BAR – Hamilton ON

Hallows Die is:

Ryan Bovaird: guitar, vocals

Pat Rogers: guitar

Gabriel Bateman: Bass

Dylan Gowan: Drums

In other news:

Greetings Earthlings, and for the first time ever: those of you who use Internet Explorer.

As you all know, 2010 has been an intense blend of awesome, challenging, new, intimidating and rewarding experiences for us. Please let us reminisce, and bring you up to speed regarding our evil schemes, present and future.

After embarking on (and somehow surviving) our first tour across the east coast of Canada, we hit the stage again in Toronto supporting THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, GOATWHORE and ARKAIK on BDM’s DEFLORATE NORTH AMERICA tour.

We would like to thank our friends, old and new, for coming out and supporting us. You guys always show us interesting ways to have a good time.

On that note, we’re very sorry to say that those of you who attended that show also saw the last Hallows Die performance of 2010. We have decided to retreat to our respective slave pits and use the rest of this year to write and potentially start recording our next album. With new members, new ideas, and a lyrical theme loosely based on the misconceptions and diluted realities that we, as a species, face, we’ve entitled the project MASKS.

We wouldn’t simply disappear without leaving you fine folks with something to stew over for the next few months, so we present to you the first recorded version of Do Androids Dream of Robot Sheep. Check it out on our facebook or on the media section above.

Don’t forget to check back here, as this is just a small portion of everything we have planned over the next little while. We will continue to post updates as things come together so keep your ears peeled.

Until next time, rock hard and stay groovy,

Ryan, Pat, Dylan, Gabe

Ruin the East – Post Tour

Good day, ladies and gents,

Though some time has passed since the last Hallows Die update was posted, we assure you that August has proven to be a most challenging, fun, hectic and screwed up time for all of us.

First on the docket: a de-briefing on our Ruin The East 2010 tour. After 14 days and over 6000 kilometres we are finally home safe and sound. Dealing with such difficulties as a rogue trailer wheel, a detouring and confused GPS, opinionated Sunday afternoon drunks, having to play jazz versions of our songs for retirees, day-long drives with only trees to look at, and fighting for cramped parking spaces somehow made it that much more rewarding to know we are all still breathing and still functioning as a musical entity. Despite the trials and tribulations, we met more than our fair share of awesome people in every city and we’d like to extend a personal “Thank you” to all of you for hanging with us and helping keep the cabin-fever-induced mental breakdowns to a minimum. You guys are the reason we set out in the first place and we hope to have the privilege to sewer some more drinks in your company again soon.

Next up: video documentation. We’ve taken the finer points of our trek and compiled them into several incriminating webisodes that we will be releasing over the next several days. Those of you sadistic enough to watch the senseless torture of 5 senseless dudes please click below.

Hallows Die Ruin the East – Day 2 []

DISCLAIMER – We assure you, very few less-than-pretty musicians were injured during the making of these videos. You can see the rest as we upload them over the next few weeks on our youtube channel:


Ryan, Pat, Gabe and Dylan

Ruin the East 2010

Ladies and Gents,

From an outsider’s perspective, it may seem that Hallows Die is having a rather quiet summer, but behind the scenes – as it were – this season has been one of the most chaotic periods in the bands history! After many “band-meetings” (see: beers, booze, and debauchery), we have made some radical plans for the future of the band. We’ll try our best right now to get all you folks up to speed.

The first order of business is the sudden absence of the stench of fettuccine that plagued us from behind the drum-kit. It’s very sad, but the Italian skinsman, Dan Neil, will no longer be providing our percussion. He’s found his calling elsewhere and we wish him well. Our new man on the throne goes by the name of Dylan Gowan! He comes from a long line of famous prog rock musicians and comes well equipped (with an endorsement from Pearl Drums, among *ahem* other things). Everyone say “Hi Dylan!”

Also on the agenda: we are very proud to announce the addition of Old Credit Brewing Company and the Hard Luck Bar to our ever growing list of sponsors/endorsers. We’d like to thank them for their ongoing support and are very excited about the new possibilities and opportunities we will create. You can check out their websites on the “contact” page above.

And finally, without further ado, the biggest announcement of all…


That’s right folks, it’s been a long time coming, but we are finally hitting the one road in our home country of Canada! We’re stopping at every city and town from here to the very northern reaches of Nova Scotia. Whether it be trashing a flashy new bar in downtown Montreal, partying it up in the nickel mines of Sudbury, or hitting up house parties in backwater maritime villages, we’ll be there making people wish they were somewhere else!

So come on out, drink enough that we sound bearable (hope you got a big bar tab), and prepare to be ruined!

That’s all for now folks. As usual, you can find us all over the web, so track us down on Facebook, give us a shout, pretend you enjoy us, and if you really want to stroke our egos, come see us live on tour this August!


Ryan, Pat, Gabe, and Dylan

P.S. Our debut album WORLD OF RUIN is still available for sale at many fine retailers, including,, ITunes, The End Records, CDN Records, and Indiepool.