After a string of successful shows all around Eastern Canada, including an appearance at the Spread the Metal

festival alongside the mighty Blackguard and Kataklysm, we have finally arrived back home. Three breakdowns, some strange altercations, and one very dead deer later, it’s surprising that we made it at all.

We’d like to thank everyone who came out, hung out, head banged, and just plain acted obnoxious. You guys have been beyond hospitable, and are a regular reminder why touring is easily the best thing about this business.

With the first leg of the End of The World tour coming to an end, we’ve had a few days at home. Though it’s been nice actually sleeping in a bed, being able to use a stove and (god forbid) shower more than once a fortnight, we’re itching to be on the move again. It’s only a few short days until we set out to conquer the Western half of this fine country so be sure to get your party hats tuned up, and prepare your game faces for our arrival.