Saturday, August 25, 2012,

We have partied in the East, thrashed through the West, and though it’s good to be back, sometimes home isn’t the place we love the best. So here we sit, mourning our return to real life, drinking cheap beer because our liquor fund went into fixing the van, struggling with the idea that the world might actually end and we might never get to do this again.

This next round is for all of our road friends, new and old. We miss you.

Some memories that will stay with us (haunt us) for years to come:

Partying in Edmonton with our adoptive/ed Grande Prairie family. There have to be laws against what happened; the phrase “Geneva Conventions” comes to mind.

Rolling into Red Deer the next day, and being very pleasantly surprised at how a little bit of good luck and fresh air can cure a force ten hangover. The show that night too! Lunacy!

Our gracious hostess in Ottawa – gets us a show, gives us a place to stay, and gives us literature for the rest of the trip. Definitely a groovy chick.

Teaching foreigners our filthy Canadian ways in Halifax.

Ruining Bambi for future generations… or at least providing some critter with fresh venison.

Seeing a re-telling of our trailer mishap of 2010, not thirty feet in front of us. Careful with that boat, Eugene.

Caps in Williams Lake. WILLIAMS LAKE IN CAPS.

Firework battles in Vancouver and Cochrane. Battles in general in Sudbury.

Spread the Metal!


Taking over, and stinking up a very large boat.

Taking over, and stinking up Victoria… again. Beautiful city.

Taking over, and stinking up Thunder Bay, and slicing off Ryan’s hand as a souvenir.


The epic comegedy of the SS Gary Busey.

Rocking out for weeks at a stretch, and not only living to tell the tale, but enjoying the living of the tale enough to retell it!

Anyone or anything we’ve missed (there’s quite a bit): You haven’t been forgotten… unless you have, in which case you are completely unremarkable or we were completely hammered. Better luck next time.

We love you all.

‘Til next we meet,


Ryan, Pat, Gabe, and Dylan

Hallows Die